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miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Mom of the year? Quite possibly.

Audrey Giuliari Ruiz nos envía esta hermosa historia donde la noble perra Katjinga adopta de inmediato al pequeño cerdito Paulichen. Las imágenes hablan solas.

A giant farm dog and a tiny piglet cuddle up as if they were family after the baby runt was dismissed by its own mother. Surrogate mum Katjinga, an eight-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, took on motherly duties for grunter Paulinchen - a tiny pot-bellied pig - and seems to be taking the adoption in her stride. Lonely Paulinchen was luckily discovered moments from death and placed in the care of the dog who gladly accepted it as one of her own. Thankfully for the two-week-old mini porker, Katjinga fell in love with her at first sight and saved her bacon.
In these adorable images Paulinchen can even be seen trying to suckle from her gigantic new mom. The two animals live together on a huge 20-acre farm in Hoerstel , Germany , where Katjinga's owners Roland Adam, 54, and his wife Edit, 44.

Nose place like home: The baby piglet nuzzles up to its new mom. Property developer Roland said: "The pigs run wild on our land and the sow had given birth to a litter of five in our forest. "I found Paulinchen all alone and when I lifted her up she was really cold

"I felt sure some local foxes would have taken the little pig that very night so I took it into my house and gave her to Katjinga. "She had just finished with a litter of her own, who are now 10 months, so I thought there was a chance she might take on the duties of looking after her. "Katjinga is the best mother you can imagine. She immediately fell in love with the piggy. Right away she started to clean it like it was one of her own puppies. "Days later she started lactating again and giving milk for the piggy. She obviously regards it now as her own baby."

Amoroso encuentro donde una vez mas el instinto maternal de la naturaleza vence todas las barreras.

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  1. Que belleza!!!!

  2. Que linda perrita tiene un gran corazón de adoptar al cerdito


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